Sunday, January 29, 2012


winter bare branches
hold tattered cups of summer
empty nests trail twigs  
from Haiku Journey  

We had a bird's nest in our Christmas tree this past December. That has happened a number of times. We always save the nests and put them in the next year's tree. At this point we have four or five little nests that I hide in the branches each year.
Today we're having a small party to celebrate Abe's pinning ceremony. About ten of us will be eating lasagna and salad and cake and ice cream. He (Abe) was given the "Outstanding PTA Student" Award at the ceremony yesterday - he had no idea (nor did we) that he was being given any sort of recognition. His speech at the close of the ceremony was FANTASTIC - full of humor and wit and greatly appreciated by his fellow graduates. He OWNED that podium - he was the master of the pause! Go, Abe!
Not much knitting or spinning time this weekend - too much going on. Just finished cleaning the house in preparation for our guests. Now it's time to exercise.
Abe receiving his Physical Therapy Assistant pin and certificate

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  1. That is so awesome! Congratulations to Abe and to the proud parents! Did anybody record his speech? Or does he have it in writing. Would love to hear/read it. Bet it was great!


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