Saturday, January 7, 2012

50 Degrees on January 7

Just back from a 2+ mile walk to Riverton and back. No coats, hats, mittens, gloves, or scarves. Simply fabulous. Right now I am actually sitting OUTSIDE to write this. Wow.
Spinning: completed the remaining 2 ounces - the bobbins are now resting. Will ply them tomorrow.

4 ounces of Norwegian Longwool enjoying the mild and sunny outdoors

Spunky Eclectic's "Night Owl" Merino
Next up: 4 ounces of merino, from Spunky Eclectic in a gorgeous mix of gray, brown, yellow, and copper, called "Night Owl".  This is the June 2011 shipment - I'm gaining ground!!! I did, however, just sign up for the 2012 club, so it won't be long before the fiber stash starts growing once again...sigh.

Information Label for S. Eclectic fiber
Knitting: Noro Sock #2 continues apace - the heel flap is done, the heel is turned, and the gusset is taking shape. But do you see how tiny the yarn ball is??? Noooooooo.....
Noro Sock and 1/2

 Exercise:  The brisk 2-mile walk was my cardio - the last 1/2 mile is uphill. My elevated heartrate is what allowed me to sit outside to write! I will be doing 30 minutes of free weights after I post this.

Oh, were you wondering about today's poem? Wonder no longer:

The Sixth of January
David Budbill

The cat sits on the back of the sofa looking
out the window through the softly falling snow
at the last bit of gray light.

I can't say the sun is going down.
We haven't seen the sun for two months.
Who cares?

I am sitting in the blue chair listening to this stillness.
The only sound: the occasional gurgle of tea 
coming out of the pot and into the cup.

How can this be?
Such calm, such peace, such solitude
in this world of woe.

I know, I know - this should have been yesterday's poem.  

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  1. We are enjoying your ramblings tremendously! You are so talented, in so many ways!!!!!
    Love you -


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