Saturday, January 21, 2012


My dear on the eve of his 55th trip around the sun.
Winter solitude--
in a world of one color
the sound of wind.

Matsuo Basho

Well, we were all set to go to Abe's PTA Pinning Ceremony this afternoon, but the snow had the audacity to interfere. I had just finished assembling the spinach lasagna, and was starting in on a vegetable dip, when the phone rang and Abe learned of the school's closing. The ceremony will take place next Saturday, same time, same place. We debated whether to have the party tonight, and eventually decided to have it next Sunday afternoon, thinking that folks might not like to venture out tonight. So the lasagna will go in the freezer, the spinach dip will get eaten, and the cake that Zig's out picking up will, hopefully, get commandeered by Abe. Yellow cake, buttercream frosting...scary. I don't even want to open the box.

We had a perfect evening for Zig's birthday. The only hitch was that he had to finish up some work, so we didn't eat until 9:00. Grilled tuna, roasted sweet potatoes, baked acorn squash. And Abe made apricot-pistachio biscotti for dessert!
Zig managed to blow out all the candles.
Presents and cards rounded out the evening - an old copy of Nausea, in French, that Stu found in Chicago, some delicious pecan bars baked by Jess, a notepad with a floppy disk for a cover (also from S & J), socks knitted by me,
Left Bank Book money from Dad and Jean, and FIVE POUNDS OF BRAZIL NUTS. Yes, that's right - 5 pounds of Brazil Nuts. Just what every guy needs. Oh, the "big" present was the new bowler hat (see Zig above) that we found in Cambridge a few weeks ago. I am married to a most dapper gentleman.

Zig gave me this orchid for Valentine's Day last year. It just opened up last week. 
You can't see them, but the Burning Bush is full of Juncos.
Did you notice the white stuff in the background? Yes, it's wintry, at last. We've gotten about four inches. Dry and fluffy snow - easy to shovel, thankfully.

Spinning:  I expect to finish the second bobbin today, but here's a photo of it as of noon today. This is going to be a beautiful color when it's plied.
Knitting: More work on the sock AND the shawl. These socks WILL be done by the end of the day tomorrow. Otherwise I will have to hang my head in shame. I'm almost to the heel flap! Why does it feel like such a marathon??? 

The shawl is coming along - I like it more and more as the colors appear.
  Exercise: 30 minutes of cycling - the middle 20 were 1-minute intervals of fast-as-I-could-go and easy pedaling.
Food/Water: Doing well. Now, if I can just stay away from that cake...

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