Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to Work

Furry Bear

By A. A. Milne
If I were a bear,
   And a big bear too,
I shouldn’t much care
   If it froze or snew;
I shouldn’t much mind
   If it snowed or friz—
I’d be all fur-lined
   With a coat like his!
For I’d have fur boots and a brown fur wrap,
And brown fur knickers and a big fur cap.
I’d have a fur muffle-ruff to cover my jaws,
And brown fur mittens on my big brown paws.
With a big brown furry-down up to my head,
I’d sleep all the winter in a big fur bed.

I was wishing for a bear's warmth when I went out to my car this morning. Brrrrr. The first real cold we've had. My car thermometer registered 14 degrees on the way to work.

Noro Sock #1 - Complete!
Noro Sock #2 - barely begun
Norwegian Longwool - Bobbin #1 complete and resting

Norwegian Longwool - Bobbin #2 barely begun
Sock Quest 2012: Noro Sock #1 is done and blocking. Sock #2 was cast on last night and I've begun the 3x1 leg. A bit of concern about the amount of yarn that's left...
Handspinning: I spun up the rest of the 2 ounces of Norwegian Longwool and am pretty pleased with the results. 
After an hour of annoying wheel noise and movement, I realized that an Allen wrench would eliminate most of the problems. Who knew? Now my wheel is almost silent, but for the knocking of the two conrods - I still can't figure out how to tighten them.
Exercise: 30 minutes on the stationary bike.
Food/Water: Tea and soup and carrots and hummus and quite a lot of water and a delicious pasta/spinach/tomato/ricotta dish that Zig discovered in his "Staying Thin" French cookbook. The latter has not yet been prepared - alas, I cannot cook it until he (Zig) gets home, as it's written in French and I might mess up. If I acted like a grown-up, I'd use my rudimentary French to figure it out, but it only takes 30 minutes to prepare and cook, so I'll just wait.  


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  1. Love to see your knitting and spinning. Happy New
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