Monday, January 9, 2012

Second Pair is on the Needles

Song to Onions
Roy Blount, Jr.

They improve everything, pork chops to soup,
And not only that but each onion's a group.

Peel back the skin, delve into tissue
And see how an onion has been blessed with issue.

Every layer produces an ovum:
You think you've got three then you find you've got fovum.

Onion on on—
Ion on onion they run,
Each but the smallest one some onion's mother:
An onion comprises a half-dozen other.

In sum then an onion you could say is less
Than the sum of its parts.
But then I like things that more are than profess—
In food and the arts.

Things pungent, not tony.
I'll take Damon Runyon
Over Antonioni—
Who if an i wanders becomes Anti-onion.
I'm anti-baloney.

Although a baloney sandwich would
Right now, with onions, be right good.

And so would sliced onions,
Chewed with cheese,
Or onions chopped and sprinkled
Over black-eyed peas:

absorbent of essences,
eaten on New Year's Eve

We're having onions tonight, in Chicken Tikka Masala. The house smells marvelous - I dumped everything into the crockpot this morning, and Abe plugged it in at 10:00.
Spinning: nothing to report
Knitting: Cast on and began knitting a pair of vanilla socks using Nightfall yarn from FibroFibers. Sky blue darkening to black. The yarn is a joy to knit with, and with size 1 1/2 Signature Needles, the sock is flying along. No picture yet, but here is the yarn:

Exercise: Weights for 30 minutes; bicycling for 20. Didn't want to, AT ALL, as I didn't get home until 6:00, but Abe "encouraged" me to suck it up.


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  1. I know that "didn't want to AT ALL" feeling, Penny! Good for Abe encouraging you! bet you felt better afterwards, too! I'm just now reading your blog for the first time in ages. I thought it was all about knitting, which is WAY over my head....LOL.....but MOm told me "not so," you write about all kinds of things. I love it! I'm at the airport. See you in a few days! So excited!


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