Saturday, August 24, 2013

Black Mamba

Looking for a quick project? I just knitted up this bracelet from a kit I ordered. It's called "Black Mamba" and is available at Cattail Knits, an Etsy store. I love it! Quick, super-easy, and quite elegant.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vitamin D comes not just from sunshine

It comes from this! The Vitamin D Cardigan, designed by Heidi Kirrmaier, is finally done! I (almost) wish the weather would turn nippy, so I could toss this on of a morning. Madeline Tosh Prairie is perfect for this. So happy!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Is it cotton candy?

This looks good enough to eat!

But it would taste terrible. Finished 310 yards of 2-ply handspun Romney. More to come.
15 Hexapuffs made in New Harbor.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Done! Again.

"Summer of..." MKAL is done, washed, and blocked!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Not with blogging. With the Dragon's Egg Socks. Phew! Lots of work but worth the effort.
Dragon's Egg Socks are done. Finally!

Dorky "pose" for Dragon's Egg Socks
Now I can work monogamously on Clue #7 - the final clue, which finishes the MKAL - of The Summer of..., a shawlette that I started way back on the solstice, while in Chicago for my son's wedding. This final clue demands a total of 53 repeats of a 12-row pattern, worked over 18 or 19 stitches, depending on the row, with several beads worked in over the course of the pattern. As I write this, I've completed a measly 15 repeats. My hope is that I will have this completed, washed, and blocked by the time I go to the the last (for me) Monday afternoon Knitters' Group at the Bristol Area Library.
Summer of...MKAL edging with beads

Unblocked. Difficult to see the beauty, but it's there.
Once I complete this, I'll eagerly cast on for the Craftsy Silk Curved Scarf, a class I signed up for last month. It began, officially, on August 2, so I'm quite behind, but the socks ruled over all, recently...and the MKAL is now of utmost importance on the list. Here's a photo of the luscious silk I'll be using for the class:

Artyarns Regal Silk
Last but CERTAINLY not least, the teeny little project bag I've been using during this idyll. My sister Rebecca gave this to me for my birthday a few years back - she purchased out in Oregon awhile ago. I love this bag, for several reasons: the size is perfect for socks or a shawlette; the logo, "Knit Happy" makes my heart sing; I love the color yellow; my sister is so dear to me. She is my hero.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Am I The Only Person Who Still Balances Her Checkbook?

Rabbit, Rabbit!
It's August 1, 2013. I said "Rabbit, Rabbit" before saying anything else, went down the stairs backward, and balanced the checkbook. Not far off, either!

The Rabbit/backwards stairs thing is a superstition we've had for years in my immediate family. Most months we miss part - or all - of it, talking to each other before saying the magic words, or running down the steps without a thought. When we do manage to remember, it seems like the coming month will somehow be just a little bit better. When I say "immediate family", it's really just Abe, Zig, and me. Stuart's outgrown the tradition.

Here's a link to a bit of information about the practice. I particularly like the part that mentions FDR as a fan of the weirdness.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

...and it's still here!

Gorgeous day. Beautiful place. So lucky to be here.

5 mile walk starting at 7:00 am, a bit later than usual, but sleep was so delicious. The cannon fired at 8:00 as I was heading back.

At this point in the vacation, the days begin to blend together, in a delightful way.

Knitting continues on the "Summer of..." MKAL, with the final clue due to arrive on Friday, August 2nd.
Maybe I already posted this. Losing my memory...

Handspinning: plowing through 17.2 ounces of Romney in pinks and reds. I wound bobbin #1 into a cake this morning so I could measure it. The second bobbin is filling up quickly. Trying to get 2 ounces spun up each day.

443 yards of Romney singles

??? yards of Romney singles.

Dragon's Egg Sock #1 for ??? The heel is turned and the gusset is half done.
Nine little hexapuffs are complete.
Some new purchases:
Artyarns "Regal Silk" for another MKAL starting August 1 on Craftsy

Malabrigo Sock for the Estuary Shawlette purchased at Over the Rainbow Yarn
Quince and Co. Finch for Aranami Shawl - did I already post this???
That's all for today! Hope to finish the first Dragon's Egg sock and make more headway on my Vitamin D sweater, along with spinning 2 more ounces of Romney. Will it (the Romney) never come to an end???