Thursday, August 1, 2013

Am I The Only Person Who Still Balances Her Checkbook?

Rabbit, Rabbit!
It's August 1, 2013. I said "Rabbit, Rabbit" before saying anything else, went down the stairs backward, and balanced the checkbook. Not far off, either!

The Rabbit/backwards stairs thing is a superstition we've had for years in my immediate family. Most months we miss part - or all - of it, talking to each other before saying the magic words, or running down the steps without a thought. When we do manage to remember, it seems like the coming month will somehow be just a little bit better. When I say "immediate family", it's really just Abe, Zig, and me. Stuart's outgrown the tradition.

Here's a link to a bit of information about the practice. I particularly like the part that mentions FDR as a fan of the weirdness.

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