Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to Work!

Merino "Night Owl" - First of three bobbins

Malthese Flowers Shawl - Four of twelve rows of flowers but only 20% complete

Back to school today. A late opening due to a light snowfall overnight. Yesterday was completely relaxing - spinning, knitting, reading, watching the first four episodes of Season 1 of Downton AbbeyEnjoying it immensely - Bates is my favorite character by far.
Spinning: Finished the first bump of merino and began (just barely) the second. I love the subtle blend of gray, gold, brown, yellow, and even some blue. The 3-ply will be stunning, I hope.
Knitting: Significant progress on the Malthese Flowers shawl. The stitches are now on the longer cable needle. I just hope that the finished piece will block so that the bumpiness disappears. As for Nightfall sock #2, I'm about 40 rows in on the leg.  
Nightfall Sock #2- 30+ rows in
Exercise: Good weight-lifting session on Monday, followed by cycling. I've increased the weight on most of the exercises. Abe's my trainer - he has a routine worked out for me, and he tweaks it now and then. Right now it's fewer reps and heavier weights, to build strength. Later it'll be more reps and slightly lighter weights, for toning (I think).
Food/Water: Good all around. Down .4 from yesterday!

And here's today's selection:

Arthur Guiterman

No matter what we are and who,
Some duties everyone must do:

A Poet puts aside his wreath
To wash his face and brush his teeth,

     And even Earls
     Must comb their curls,
     And even Kings
     Have underthings.

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