Saturday, July 27, 2013


It seems that I'm settling into a routine here:
  • Early morning fast walk (at least 3.5 miles, more often 5.0 miles)
  • Coffee and knitting
  • Knitting on sock
  • Knitting on sweater
  • Knitting on MKAL
  • Knitting at least one hexapuff
  • Spinning
  • Needlepoint
I'm doing a little bit on each project everyday. Works for me!

Approximately 5 ounces of Romney singles

MKAL through Clue 6 (of 7 total)

Dragon's Egg Sock #1

3 more Hexapuffs!

Quince & Co. Finch Yarn for Aranami Shawl

Quince & Co. stash of Finch AND Tern

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