Friday, July 19, 2013

MKAL = Mystery Knit-Along

The yarns and beads even came with stitch markers and a tiny parasol!!!
I'm participating in my first-ever MKAL (Mystery Knit-Along) project this summer. The project is called "The Summer of...", from Wild Prairie Knits, and consists of 7 weeks of clues. Each clue arrives via email on Friday morning, and participants are encouraged to finish that section by the next Friday. Of course, it's all pure fun, not a competition, and some of us are bound to fall behind. And that's fine. I've managed to keep up so far, and am excited to get started on Clue #5, which arrived this morning.

As for the project itself, all we were told is that the project is a shawl, in two colors of fingering weight yarn (colors are our choice), with the option of adding in some glass beads if we preferred to. I did. My colors are a lovely kettle-dyed navy and a beach sand, with clear glass beads knitted into parts of the navy sections. There are garter stripes and solid lace panels.

Participants have been asked not to spoil the surprise by posting photos of the work-in-progress, but I can share a photo of the yarns and beads I chose. They are from Stunning String Studio, and I couldn't be happier with my selection.

The entire experience thus far has been a delight!

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