Thursday, February 9, 2012

The School Play

No poem today - I am too overwhelmed by the absolute EXCELLENCE of my school's production of "Joust! A Might Medieval Musical". The play 's dress rehearsal was held this afternoon and it was a hoot! Our resident comedian-on-staff, Cece, augmented the dialog with hilarious references to current commercials and other YouTube videos, much to the delight of the adults in the audience. The actors, ranging in age from nine to fourteen, were all confident and comfortable on the stage. They sang with gusto, accompanied by able pit musicians - many of them even younger.

Our school is lucky to have a trio of energetic teachers who, every year without fail, manage to pull a production together. A lot of blood (well, maybe not), sweat (definitely), and tears (yes, even those) goes into a play. My colleagues are, quite simply, amazing.

On another note, weigh-in day is tomorrow. Fingers crossed about crossing a major milestone.

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