Saturday, February 4, 2012

Third Pair

Canopy Socks - check!
The sock on the right LOOKS narrower than the one on the left, but they're truly the same size. I'd say I used about 300 yards of the 360 in the skein.
I'm taking a break (well-deserved, methinks) from sock knitting to work up a pair of fingerless gloves, using Louisa Harding Grace Hand-Dyed and Churchmouse Yarns' Welted Fingerless Glove pattern. A dear friend gave me a skein of this yarn, in gorgeous, soft grey, green, and blue:

Grace Hand-Dyed for Welted Fingerless Gloves
I've already got 1/2 of the first glove done. Things move along much more quickly when using size 6 needles (most of my socks are knit using either size 0, 1, or 1 1/2 double-points.

This yarn is luscious.
They don't look like socks yet, but that is their destiny.
Abe helped me figure out how to use the yarn meter I purchased - it took a few fits and starts but I tried it out by dividing a 437-yard skein of Cascade Heritage Silk Paints into 2 balls for a pair of socks. The meter measures in feet, not yards, so my math skills were sorely tested, but I still remember how to divide by 3, so all turned out well. I now have two cheery red yarn cakes ready to be transformed into Cookie A.'s Pointelle socks.

Today's poem made me laugh out loud when I read it. It's a bit crude, but knitters will get it.

Fib to a Knit Dweeb

By Mary Roberts
my days
if Lion Brand Fun Fur
will make a nice pair of undies.

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