Monday, February 20, 2012

A Day Off

Something Missing

I remember I put on my socks.
I remember I put on my shoes.
I remember I put on my tie
that was painted in beautiful
purples and blues.
I remember I put on my coat
To look perfectly grand 
at the dance.
Yet I feel there is something
I may have forgot---
What is it? What is it?...

I've always enjoyed reading this poem to kids at school. The poem was originally published in A Light in the Attic, and is accompanied by a very amusing illustration, which I show AFTER reading the poem. Hilarious. Can you guess what is missing???

"Headache" Wensleydale fiber
Vanilla Sock - comforting in its mindlessness
Progress. That's what a day off gives me! Technically, I started both the vanilla socks and the Wensleydale handspun yesterday, but today's day off is helping to further their growth. The Wensleydale is a joy to spin, particularly after the fussy, short-staple merino finished last week. Funny that this fiber happens to be "beautiful purples and blues"...

Oh, and another bit of progress - I filed our federal tax return yesterday afternoon. Whew!

On the weight loss front, I've stayed level over the last week. Not good, but not bad. This past Friday saw the end of a month-long "Biggest Loser" competition at work, and I was the 3rd place winner. $15 in cold hard cash came my way at day's end.

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