Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Favorite Podcasts

Not wanting to feel that I am "wasting" time when knitting or spinning, I usually have a podcast playing as I craft. Here are some of my favorites.

Cast On - Podcaster Extraordinaire Brenda Dayne regales her "knit sibs" with tales of knitting from her home in Wales. Great music, too.
Craftlit - Heather Ordover combines crafting (knitting, spinning, sewing, painting, etc.) with literature. Heather plays audio recordings of classic literature (e.g., Pride and Prejudice, The Scarlet Letter, Tristan and Isolde) in the public domain and then teaches the listener about the books.
Family Knits - Allison Williams from Brighton, England, talks about knitting and family psychology. Fascinating. This is a new podcast that shows a lot of promise.
Forgotten Classics - Julie D. from Texas has the most amazing voice. She narrates books in the public domain. Mesmerizing.
The Moth - 15-minute true stories told without notes before a live audience. Most are hilarious (many with explicit language), some are poignant, some heartbreaking.
The Tolkien Professor - being a huge LOTR geek, I was thrilled to discover Corey Olsen - a college professor who teaches a course on Tolkien's oeuvre. He's currently lecturing on The Hobbit - I love to revisit all my old dwarf friends!
Whole Lotta Singer - Again, this is brand new - only one episode so far, but I really connected to the podcaster's beliefs about the importance of connecting to your craft, whatever it is, without relying too much on technology.

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