Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friend Are Gifts

I have found friends - friends have come to me, during my life, and I don't often appreciate them as I should. But this morning I started thinking about the many people who have given me something of themselves, and as I was remembering my blessings, my eyes happened to fall upon a gift that one of my friends gave me recently. It's a knitting notions bag that Joan knitted, felted, and embellished. She gave it to me on the very last day of school in June.

This little pouch embodies so much: it's soft but sturdy, knit in deep, warm reds, and it's whimsical, just like Joan. It holds my tiny scissors, measuring tape, yarn needles, and stitch markers, and it resides in my knitting basket (my grandfather's old market basket). It goes where I go - I am never without it.

And I am never without my friends, and all that they have given me.

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