Sunday, March 18, 2012


75 degrees in the shade on West River Road this afternoon. All I can say is "Wow". Our windows are open, and we got sweaty on our brisk walk this morning. It's top down weather!!! Dare I call this "the winter that wasn't"?

Lots of exercise lately, in the form of weight lifting, aerobics video, walking, and dancing. Yes, we danced last night at 41 Bridge Street in Collinsville. We saw The Revelations featuring Tre Williams - a fantastic blues/soul band that rocked the house for 3 hours. We danced in the mosh pit (well, calling it a mosh pit is a BIT of an exaggeration) and were purely happy. My left knee is mad at me now, but it was worth it.

Lots of knitting, too - I've reached the top of flower section of Malthese Flowers and have begun the border, a fairly simply grid. I machine-stitched, using tiny stitches, two lines of stitches through the steek - will have to do a bit more later but the bulk of the shawl is protected from the dread scissors.  I hope to be able to cut the shawl open later this week.

Tour Eiffel is coming along, as well. I've decided to knit the small version, so it's going to be more of a scarf than a shawl, but I think that'll be easier to wear.

Socks are slowly creeping. I knitted on them during a teachers' happy hour celebration after work on Friday, and also at the concert venue last night before the music commenced.

In other news, our living room coat closet has been emptied, cleaned, weeded, and sorted through. All the hats, gloves, and mittens now actually fit INSIDE the basket they live in.

Last, but not least, and better late than never:

St. Patrick’s Day

By Jean Blewett
There’s an Isle, a green Isle, set in the sea,
     Here’s to the Saint that blessed it!
And here’s to the billows wild and free
     That for centuries have caressed it!

Here’s to the day when the men that roam
     Send longing eyes o’er the water!
Here’s to the land that still spells home
     To each loyal son and daughter!

Here’s to old Ireland—fair, I ween,
     With the blue skies stretched above her!
Here’s to her shamrock warm and green,
     And here’s to the hearts that love her!

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