Saturday, March 3, 2012

53 Orbits Around The Sun

Maple Feast
Frances Frost

Into the bit-flaked sugar-snow
The crystal-gathering sledges go.

Stumbling through silver to my knees,
I shout among the maple trees, 

Tilt gleaming buckets icy cold
Till I am full as I can hold

Of clear bright sap, until I feel
Like a maple tree from head to heel!

Then to the sugarhouse I run
Where syrup, golden as the sun,

Is boiling in the crisp March air
And I, as daft as a baby bear,

Eat, till my buttons burst asunder
From maple sweetness, maple wonder!

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss, John Irving, and me! Having a snow day yesterday  was almost as good as having the day off today. My dear son Abe cooked breakfast for me, and gave me an absolutely hilarious card. 

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