Sunday, March 4, 2012

Early March

Driving less than 1 1/2 hours due south of Hartland is a mind-bending experience, climate-wise. Yesterday we met Pat and Jackie (Jess' parents)for lunch at Pepe's in New Haven. We have about 5 inches of snow here in the woods, but by the time we were south of Torrington, there was no sign of winter anywhere - no snow, no ice, no slush, just bare grass and tree limbs. The sun came out in the early afternoon - perfect weather for strolling around the Yale campus. It's spring break there, so students were few and far between. We stepped into the Sterling Library just 5 minutes before closing, then ambled over to the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Cool stuff. It was good to get together with the Hennesseys - it's always easy to hang out with them. They thoroughly know New Haven, so it was fun to walk around the city and listen to anecdotes and trivia. 

The spring-like weather lulled us into thinking that northwestern Connecticut would be devoid of snow - surely the sun would shine there, too? - but alas, it was not to be.

It's been a week of gustatory delights - dinner out Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, lunch out Saturday and today (with Mom and Becky). Needless to say, there's no shrinking going on, but I've been judicious in my menu choices, so there's not much expansion, either. 

LOTS of photographic evidence of fiber crafting.

Spinning: well into the second bump of Falkland. It's a delight to work with. I hope to get more spun later today after my lunch with sis and mom.

Blurry Falkland fiber
Knitting: Malthese is growing. Yes, it looks like a giant tear-shape, but once steeked it'll be a large triangle. We had a moment of hilarity the other night - I almost had Zig convinced that this shawl is for him - after all, Parisian men wear all sorts of elegant scarves - wouldn't this look GREAT around his neck?

This will look MUCH better when steeked and blocked.
Working on the eighth (out of 12) rows of Malthese Flowers
The vanilla socks have taken a back seat this week; not only to the Malthese but to a NEW project I cast on yesterday - Natalie Servant's Eiffel Tower shawl. I'm working the large version, using String Theory Seri silk in a gorgeous graphite called "Carina". The plan is to have this finished and blocked before our trip. I have 6 weeks - that should be sufficient time. 

The finished object will have filigree-like arches seen in the Tour Eiffel

Just starting the leg of the second sock. Yawn.
Last, and yes, least - the vanilla socks did see some forward movement - not much, but a bit. This is my travel knitting, but I can't knit while I'm driving, and I was the driver to New Haven and back.

Excerpt from

Ordinary Time

By Tim Dlugos
Which are the magic
moments in ordinary
time? All of them,
for those who can see.


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