Wednesday, March 14, 2012

International Pi Day

You must have heard about 3.14
In many cir­cles she’s all the rage.
She’s the greek char­ac­ter that we all adore,
whose irra­tional nature takes cen­ter stage.

Defined by divi­sion, as opposed to sum,
(a fact that is known through­out the land).
But don’t count on her with your fin­gers and thumbs,
she flaunts more dig­its than you have on your hand.

Men fight to reveal her dec­i­mal places,
around 2.5 tril­lion is the cur­rent amount.
A com­plex atti­tude is not what she embraces,
but, she’s a real num­ber, and that’s what counts.

I hes­i­tate to sound slightly cliche,
but she’s a hero unhonored and unsung.
And after all, it’s true what they say:
two Pi is greater than one.
 2 \pi > 1

Our school abounds with Pi posters, streamers, banners, and, yes, actual Pi(e). Personally, I was never a fan of geometry - algebra was most to my taste. Maybe because my algebra teacher was not afraid to throw chalk at us if we ventured to answer incorrectly, as opposed to my geometry teacher, who was just plain boring.

Great strides in spinning, knitting, and exercise. It's been warm enough to lug the weights up and out onto the deck, which is a much more pleasant space than the basement, even if Zig and I did spend a few hours cleaning up the TV room. I MIGHT get my bike out today when I get home, and, if the tires are amply inflated, go out for the first street ride of 2012.

Tour Eiffel - not much to look at yet - just an expanse of gray
Knitting steadily on both the Malthese and the Tour Eiffel shawls. Will I finish both by the 13th of April? Too soon to tell. It might help to do the smaller size on the Eiffel.

Almost done spinning up the first 2 ounces of Spunky Eclectic's "Tartan" Corriedale. That's September 2011's shipment - I'm getting there! It's a better (easier, "funner") spin than I expected. 
Nancy's Knit Knacks magnetic chart keeper with Tour Eiffel chart

Spunky Eclectic "Change" Falkland 2-ply
Official S. E. label
Malthese as of 3/11/12
Green/Blue Ground for Malthese
Fuschia/Orange/Purple for Malthese Flowers

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