Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Promised Photos - Here They Are

Spunky Eclectic "Birds n' Berries" Targhee - January 2012 shipment

Barely-begun Elm Socks made with String Theory Caper Sock in "Lichen"
Very-boring-but-will-be-lovely DeGraw Tank in black Ripple yarn
Completed String Bag made with Knitpicks Cotlin in "Clementine"

Pimpelliese Scarf made with Malabrigo Sock in "Carine"










 Early June Meditation at Lakeside

By Colette Inez
Fire alarms, a far off wail.
fireflies twitch in the grass.
At summer’s doorsill we stand,
a seasoned couple in good weather.
It seems no great matter a comet hurtles
towards the sun, that a child’s
charred bones will slip into earth.

In the city the firemen
have put out the fire.
We are here and not there.
Look at the dream
we have: a field of mullein, a lake,
two flies trapped in a hub of silk.

This night belongs to an interpreter
of wasps, aphids
in the mouth of a ladybird beetle
carrying red spots
on the dark ground of her back.
We count her years by them,
we who have learned
to eye seconds on a watch,
to burn old calendars, accounts.

And this night belongs to the author
of fire in the arsonist’s heart,
to comet tails and summer births
where frogs, and bugs
claim their brief patch of dark.

No one cares if we swim naked
in a lake whose fish gulp shadows
and trembling stars.

The child’s mother will buy a casket
with money from the firemen.
Our thoughts are dry when we think
in summers to come
we will be red cinders
rising from a burning house.

Ilene String Bag made with KnitPicks CotLin in "Sprout"

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