Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tour Eiffel

Done at last - Natalie Servant's Eiffel Tower Shawl
Detail of the lace filigree
An Homage to Lacemakers Dear Ladies, how lovely is your work, 
Above all friends of lace, 
Carefully copying your patterns,
Bringing birth to these eternal marvels.
You are not just people of times past,
But you are here to show us clearly
How with interlacing threads,
The old designs are e'r renewed.
By means of the tool called a pillow,
In throwing the little bobbins about,
Joyously pure beauty appears before our eyes,
Which your hands transform into gifts.
It is through your painstaking diligence, 
Helped by our community,
You offer us consideration
And show us your finished masterpieces.
May you long set your hearts, 
To your work, in this ageless craft,
For wise daughters are you all,
Truth and beauty your faces illuminate.
Whether you are making black or blonde,
Either will bring you profound joy,
Which will allow you to dance a roundelay
At Craponne, worldwide and beyond.
by Edouart Lagrifolle

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