Monday, April 2, 2012


I CUT THE SHAWL. I AM TERRIFIED AND JUBILANT. My sense of geometry has abandoned me and I am panicking about where to pick up stitches for the two remaining legs of the triangle. There are zillions of yarn ends that need to be woven in, and frail, cut stitches in the steek that cry out for stability. What have I done? Only what the pattern calls for, but the earth trembles beneath my feet.


  1. Oh my. This scares me and I don't even understand it!

  2. Fear not, Penny! I'm not terrified! I have the uttermost confidence in you and KNOW you can pull it off just perfectly! I'm totally clueless in the knitting world and don't understand a thing about it, but I have seen some of the amazingly beutiful things you have done and know this shawl will be amongst them. Can't WAIT to see the finished product, or at least pictures. Love your blog, dear sister, and love YOU!


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