Monday, July 11, 2011

Who Knew?

I just had a fantastic time at the Bristol (Maine) Area Public Library. I'm here in New Harbor for five weeks, and Zig saw in the Lincoln County Times newspaper that there are "Knitting Lessons" held every Monday afternoon from 2-4pm at the Bristol Library. So off I went, armed with my latest project, Norah Gaughan's "Flow", which I'm knitting with Berroco Seduce in a GORGEOUS discontinued colorway (4493).

But enough about the project - the cool part was the knitting group itself. Led by Judy, a former school media specialist from Hebron, CT (synchronicity, anyone?), the group meets in the children's room of the most excellent Bristol Area Library - a happening place in its own right, but that's another story. Judy greeted me warmly, and immediately introduced to Bunny (another Connectikite - from West Hartford) and Penny (!) originally from Newburyport, MA. Judy and Penny have retired and live right here in Bristol, and Bunny is retired and owns land near Pemaquid Lighthouse - she and her husband plan to build here.

In addition to being an expert knitter and former children's librarian, Judy is also an avid quilter and the mother of one of the managers at Rising Tide Food Co-op in Damariscotta. We are members there. And I quilt!

Okay, it gets better (or, more synchronized?)...another woman arrived (actually there were about 15 women there at one point - I didn't get to meet all of them), and introduced herself to me as Marlene. Turns out she's Marlene Loznicka, an artist who owns (and lives at) the Schoolhouse Gallery not 1/10 of a mile up Huddle Road from our cottage. We have always admired her paintings (sort of dark, with lovely golden light) of the Maine landscape, and have visited her gallery before.

Bunny was talking of her desire for a classic Maine cape house - Penny lives in one. Bunny is picking me up at 10:00 tomorrow morning to go visit Penny at her Cape house. !!!!!!!!!

I am most definitely going back to Bristol Area Library next Monday - maybe my mom will want to go, too!

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