Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hanging With The Rock Stars

The 2010 New York Sheep & Wool Festival is in full swing. Well, it might not be swinging as I write, since it's probably closed up for the day, but it WAS fully a-swing earlier today. Son Abe, friend Pam, and I drove over early today. We cruised through ALL of the barns, ate lamb ravioli, lamb chops, and lamb crisp. Only kidding - the latter was actually made with apples. Hmmm...lamb crisp....

Sorry. Where were we? Oh, yes, the fest! I haven't kept strict count, but I'd say this is at least the 10th year I've gone. But this year saw a number of firsts:
  1. Pam bought tickets online so we cruised through the entrance gates. Go, Pam!
  2. Materials purchased were more ceramic in form than woolly.
  3. I couldn't finish all of my apple crisp.
  4. I went to the Ravelry meetup! I went Ravelry meetup!
  5. I went to the Ravelry meetup!

Here I am with Ravelry Bob, the canine boss of Ravelry.

Now, you might think that this is Ravelry Bob icognito, but it's really Ysolda Teague! I know, I know, THE Ysolda Teague. Now that's who I'm talking about when I say rock-star! 
But that wasn't all, not by a long shot. Here I am with Granny G from Crafternoon Tea With Granny G, one of my favorite podcasts. How I love her voice, her knowledge, and her baking. It was truly a thrill to see and hug her.
Pam and I had a fine time hanging out with the several hundred other Ravelry enthusiasts.
Abe snuck off to the side to grab a photo of the official photo.

He is a fine son - when I chickened out on asking Rainy Day Goods for a photo, he tapped her on the shoulder as I was wandering away, and dang if he didn't get the shot.

6. Yes we're still talking about firsts. We stopped at the Fork in the Road.

More later on acquisitions, which include but are not limited to: cashmere, roving, and hedgehog makings.

Hedgehog makings???


  1. Oh, Penny, waaay too much fun! To actually meet some of your rock stars and Ravelry friends in a such a great venue. Can you see how green I am clear out here in Colorado? Jeanne

  2. I see you mentioned that I went with you, but this did not make it into your list of "firsts" even though it is the most important one.


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