Sunday, May 20, 2012

Piper's Journey

Hundreds of stars in the bright blue sky
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover
But only one home that I call mine own,
Though I wander the wide world over.

This verse is taken from a embroidery and felt-applique sampler made in 1933 by my great-grandmother Barnjum. George Cooper is the author, I believe, having heard a very similar verse read by Paula of Knitting Pipeline.

I got off to a late start on Knitting Pipeline's KAL for the "Piper's Journey" shawlette, but am happy to report that it's finished, blocked, and pretty darn lovely as of noon today! I used Quince & Co. Chickadee in the "Nasturtium" colorway - a very pretty burnt orange. Thanks to Dad and Jean for the Quince gift certificate for my birthday back in March - here's the finished product!

Piper's Journey Shawlette
2 ounces of South African Fine singles
2 ounces "Tossed Salad" merino/soysilk 2-ply. Heart.
Spinning has not taken a backseat - I'm making a significant dent in the backlog of Spunky Eclectic fiber. I am a bit more than halfway through spinning 4 ounces of South African Fine (the December 2011 shipment), and finished November's luxury fiber shipment, 2 ounces of merino/soysilk. I LOVE the latter - very happy with the finished yarn. I'm thinking it's destined to be a cowl.

I also finished a 3-ply that I'm NOT happy with - the colorway is "Beans", which itself is pretty in a subtle way. It's the 3-ply I dislike - the finished yarn is too much like twine. This might have to go to the bottom of my handspun stash.
4 ounces of 3-ply "Beans" Romney wool. Ick.

All told, I'm down to 5 months' worth of stashed Spunky Eclectic fiber - December 2011 through April 2012, but the May shipment will probably arrive this week. And that doesn't count the other fiber I've amassed in the last year...but July is right around the corner and with that month comes a 4-week idyll on the coast of Maine, with lots of time for spinning.

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