Saturday, June 26, 2010

Golf Socks, Anyone?

Mice attacked Zig's golf club socks. I know, mice in MY HOUSE??? How dare they??? However, their incessant nibbling provided the perfect opportunity for some stash-busting. I went into the closet, pulled out some charcoal gray and cherry red alpaca (hmmm...reminds me of my high school....) and started knitting. Working from the old socks (what was left of them), I worked up my own pattern, with the "feet" being much smaller than the originals. Technically, these won't be complete until I finish the 3-stitch i-cord, but who cares? Zig doesn't leave for his golf/business trip until tomorrow. Plenty of time, right? Right?

Now that summer vacation is here (YAY!!!!!), I have even more time for spinning...witness the two (count 'em) TWO skeins of yarn pictured here. The pink/white/gray is "Istanbul Sunset" from - you guessed it - Spunky Eclectic.

The green/pink/purple is also from Spunky Eclectic, in the lovely colorway "Field of Screams". Love that name...Amy King, S. E.'s dyeing genius, explains that the colors reminded her of a field of Venus Fly Traps!

Next up in the spinning arena is a full pound of a GORGEOUS merino/tussah silk blend, purchased last October at Rhinebeck. Silvery gray, pale pink, chartreuse green. I'm already in love, and I haven't even met the yarn!

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