Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alpaka Tunic

It's done! I started Deborah Newton's Alpaka Tunic (sp.) back in January, but other projects pulled me away. I'm pretty pleased with the result - a lightweight but very warm tunic to wear over a turtleneck or long-sleeved tee.

I guess I really like Berocco's Ultra Alpaca yarn - this is the third or fourth project I've completed using this yarn.

Now I'm reverting to sock knitting - I reorganized my sock stash bin yesterday. I have about 20 pairs to knit - a lot of Robyn Gallimore's Redbird Knits kits as well as a bunch of Blue Moon and String Theory yarns. I'm thinking of knitting some things from Cat Bordhi, Cookie A., Janel Laidman, and Nancy Bush. Specifically:

Canada - Nancy Bush
Atlantis - Janel Laidman
Rivendell - Janel Laidman
Pomatomus - Cookie A.
Bavarian Twisted - Cat Bordhi

Being a member of the "Lotsafos10" group on Ravelry, it would be GREAT if I could empty the sock bin this year!


  1. I'm a size 11 shoe/sock - in case you need some experience knitting big-footed socks ;)

  2. Time for an update! I know you've finished some new stuff that you could post on here...


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