Monday, January 25, 2010


Believe it or not, I've yet to participate in a Ravelympics. That's all about to change. This year, I've committed to knitting Jared Flood's "Grove" mittens, from a cherry red yarn I spun myself. I've joined Team Knitmore and have been carefully following their training tips, including winding the skein into a ball and swatching. I'm fairly confident that the yarn will work with the pattern, and who doesn't need another pair of mittens???

I attempted to add a Ravelympics countdown clock to the blog, but for whatever reason, it just reads zero hours, zero minutes, and zero seconds no matter how many times I set the end date. Oh, well...

Right now I'm trying to knit Deborah Newton's Alpaka Tunic, using Berroco Ultra Alpaca in a similar charcoal gray, more or less successfully, depending on my level of optimism. I'm on the front, having worked the back already, but with each stitch on the front, I'm realizing the ugly truth - I have to frog the back. Groan. It (the back) is simply too big. I've gone down a needle size (from a 10 to a 9), and I'm knitting the front in the smallest size, rather than the medium I did for the back. Bummer. Nobody to blame, however, but myself!

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  1. Well, I'll make a comment on my own blog. How sad! I love the deep cherry red of the yarn I created. The mittens will seem ever warmer than they actually are!


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