Friday, September 25, 2009

Stripey Sock Yarn

The yarn's still a bit damp, but here it is - my attempt to create self-striping DK/Sport weight sock yarn! I purchased the dyed Falkland roving from Pinestar Studio - they had a booth at Fiber College. You're supposed to divide each of the two 2 oz. batts into two (stripping lengthwise), then spin one half from each batt onto the first bobbin, and do the same with the other two pieces. Then you ply them together. If you're careful, the singles ply together into lengths of the same color.

I'm very pleased with the look and weight of the resulting yarn. My only worry is that I have just 224 yards with which to knit socks! I guess these will have to be anklets...

I love to spin.

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  1. If you're worried that 224 yards isn't enough for full socks, you could try making "toe cozies" instead.


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